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For books that are still in print please email to confirm availability - Signed/dedicated copies are available on request. For the books that are not in print, try for second hand copies!

Mushroom Books

Gem Mushrooms (HarperCollins – new Edition updated with new names and habitat information) £5.99; from Patrick inc p & p just £4.50

Pocket-sized book describing the 250 most commonly found British mushrooms and toadstools. Well illustrated with both colour photographs and illustrations. The book for the beginner. Paperback. 255pp

How to Identify Edible Mushrooms (HarperCollins) £12.99;

The most user-friendly guide to finding, identifying and cooking over 60 of Britain’s best edible fungi plus sections on the poisonous species to watch out for. Co-authored by Tony Lyon. Beautiful watercolour illustrations by Gill Tomblin. ‘Lookalikes’ described and illustrated to help prevent consumption of the wrong species. Paperback. 192 pp. (10th printing)OUT OF PRINT

Need to Know? – Mushroom Hunting (HarperCollins) £9.99;

With text and photographs by Patrick this book explains how to go about looking for edible fungi before detailing the most worthwhile species with tips on how to cook them. Paperback. 192 pp. OUT OF PRINT

Collins Mushroom Miscellany (HarperCollins) £14.99;

Mid format hardback with superb dust cover. Many beautiful illustrations. From mushrooms in literature and music to fungi that glow in the dark and the origins of Marmite and Quorn. From Beatrix Potter to dry rot, from the history of truffle cultivation to the fungi now thriving on woodchip. The uses of fungi by fishermen, icemen and others, not forgetting the true story of penicillin. From murder to magic, a mouthful of mushroom stories. Hardback. 208 pp. OUT OF PRINT

Flower and Tree Books

Patrick’s Florilegium (A Plant Anthology) (Hallamshire Press) £16.95; from Patrick £10.00 or £13.00 inc p & p

A beautifully produced large format hardback amply illustrated with photographs by Patrick and botanical illustrations by Jean Binney (Patrick’s wife). From lesser celandine and Wordsworth to the role played by horse chestnuts during two World Wars. The medicinal use of meadow saffron, yew and melilot (from where warfarin was discovered), the historic use of seaweed in the glass industry and the link between oak moss and Kate Moss. A collection of true stories about plants. Hardback 144 pp.

Wild Flowers of the Peak District (Hallamshire Press)

Hardback with watercolour botanical illustrations (art ed. Valerie Oxley). Now a collector’s item! OUT OF PRINT

How to Identify Trees (HarperCollins)

In the same series as the Edible Mushroom book outlined above and with illustrations by Gill Tomblin. OUT OF PRINT

And now for something completely different

The Christmas Book (Metro) £12.99 now OUT OF PRINT. Available as a download.
NEW from AUGUST 2018 
Revised limited edition with c 30 full page colour illustrations plus many in black and white
Only available from Patrick.

Facts behind the myths and magic of Christmas. When was Jesus born; who was Father Christmas? What have robins to do with Xmas? From puddings to pantomime, carols to cards, trees to turkeys - everything you need to know about Christmas. Makes a great Christmas present. Hardback. 256 pp.

£16.99 but just £12.00 from Patrick or £14 inc pp & p.

A Hedonist’s Guide to Life 240pp
Patrick has contributed a chapter about magic mushrooms.