Mon July 16 - Friday July 20 Cambridge University International Summer Programme - The Medicinal Properties of Plants

posted 3 Jan 2016, 07:01 by Patrick Harding   [ updated 16 Jan 2018, 07:06 ]
A series of 5 afternoon sessions starting with a look at the history of plants used in medicine and then looking in detail at some of the more important chemical groups found in plants and which have important medicinal properties. These will include alkaloids, coumarins and essential oils which hare still used  in the treatment of cancer, diabetes and for the prevention of blood clots. The Friday session will take place at the nearby Cambridge Botanic Garden where we will follow the Chemicals from Plants trail and examine some of the plants mentioned in the lectures.

Part of a 1 week/2 week science programme which includes morning plenary lectures and evening events and outings. Accommodation is available at a number of the Cambridge colleges.

Ask to see the full Summer Programme booklet - for more information phone 01223760850 or Email                                                        website