Patrick's Educational Legacy

As a way of  continuing Patricks enthusiasm for nataural history education, his legacy fund is being used to organise family fungal forays at the Longshaw Esate (with opportunities for involvement of groups who do not easily have access to the countryside), and a Trees in Poetry and Literature Workshop. It is hoped that such events will be run for a number of years.


Information on all the events, past and future, can be found below.

Events at the SheafPoetry Festival '23

Patrick's legacy has funded several events taking place at the Poetry festival on Sunday the 21st of May At the National trust Longshaw Estate. please see below for more details, and the links to book a place on any or all of them! More information on the festival can be found here: 

A donation of £1000 has been given to Forestry England from Patrick's Legacy.

This donation will enable Forestry England to provide fungi forays and activities in Sherwood Pines to hopefully inspire the next generation of enthusiasts.


Alexe Rose is the recreational and public affairs manager at Forestry England and responded to the donation with the following: Thank you for helping us to continue Patrick’s legacy and passion to offer engaging learning experiences within the forest.

Forestry England Talks
Helen Leaf is booked to do a half day on ancient trees on 28th June and then a full day on trees and ID on 12th August. Helen is passionate about trees and bees and has been running courses for a long time. Helen met Patrick on a mushroom course several years ago and is very pleased o be part of his legacy.

You can find out more information on Helen at her website, the Oaks of Sherwood.

Mushroom Memories at Lower Shaw Farm - Fri 28 – Sun 30 October

For many years, our late and much-loved fungus guru Patrick Harding led fungus forays at Lower Shaw Farm. They were enjoyable, informative, and lively.

This weekend was ran in memory of Patrick, the good times we had with him and the fungi facts we learnt from him. From the proceeds of this weekend, Lower Shaw Farm kindly donated to Patrick’s education fund.

The Marvellous Mushrooms Event funded by Patrick's legacy had great results with some fantastic feedback from the families that attended. Many thanks to Ali the FUNgi Guy for hosting.