Woodland Pasture - Patrick's Peace

The National Trust  Longshaw Estate in the Peak District National Park has a special place in our hearts. Both Martin and Bryony were taken there before they were 2 weeks old, it was the ‘go to’ place for Jean and Patrick throughout their life together, for walks, flowers and fungi.


We are taking a two-pronged approach to Patrick’s legacy: the first to help establish a new and diverse woodland habitat in the Peak District, and secondly to support events that reflect Patrick’s passion for engaging people in nature. 


For the first approach the map shows a 6.5 hectare block of land (highlighted in red) one third of which is self-seeded native woodland. We have extended the range of trees and have planted up the remaining two thirds as woodland pasture which will be sustainably managed by traditional low impact cattle species. The trees which have been added to the existing Birch and Hawthorn are: Sessile Oak, Rowan, Holly,  Bird  Cherry and Crab Apple, totalling 35 trees. In time the area will become a more diverse habitat extending the range of plants and animals it supports and will contribute to the wider biodiversity of this corner of the Peak District National Park. Several photos of the land  as it is currently are shown further down this page.


The location overlooks the Derwent Valley and provides amazing views towards the Hope Valley with the Kinder Plateau on the horizon. There are numerous footpaths giving permanent public access to the site.


UPDATE: The Trees have been planted, further details and images to follow soon.

A Sessile Oak Tree planted in Memory of Patrick

This tree has been planted next to the public footpath in Hope Valley

Fitting the plaque

Next to the tree, the plaque is mounted to a stone

The plaque is mounted to a stone, and reads:

In honour of Patrick Harding's
lifelong dedication to the
natural world, and passion
for sharing his knowledge
with anyone wo would listen!